Your staffing company should work as hard as you do.

Coastal Connections is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to solve your company’s temporary staffing needs, whether you need one worker or an entire crew.

Solutions for Your Temporary Needs

Coastal Connections

  • Will dispatch workers to your site … where you need them…when you need them!

  • Provides Qualified Employees for your workplace. You pay only for hours worked (4 hour minimum)

  • Pays all taxes and insurance for the temporary workers you hire, including workers’ compensation coverage, FICA Social Security payments, general liability insurance, IRS withholding taxes and state unemployment taxes.

  • Fully guarantees the performance of all temporary employees.

Additional Services

  • All employees go through pre-app drug screening, random drug screening and alcohol testing

  • Background checks, local & national

  • Screening and testing for skilled candidates

  • Tailored safety programs and equipment

  • All employees are E-verify compliant

Solutions for Your Long Term Needs

Coastal Connections is fully licensed and bonded by the South Carolina Secretary of State to provide employers with candidates for Direct Hire.

Coastal Connections

  • Direct Hire saves the client the time and cost of extensive recruiting.

  • Clients increase productivity and reduce costs because our recruiters provide highly qualified individuals that have been carefully selected, vetted and meet the hiring criteria.

  • Direct Hire Placements come with a money back guarantee.

Solutions for Your Seasonal Needs


Coastal Connections is able to partner with you and your staff when you need to increase your company’s productivity during crucial peak seasonal periods.