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Hilton Head Island, S.C. –   Over the last thirteen years, the Coastal Connections brand has undergone significant transformations. Our new identity was developed to satisfy existing expectations of what our clients have come to trust, while simultaneously moving our brand forward.

Striving to maintain continuity and our recognizable value is the primary goal as Coastal Connections realigns their business units to better serve and meet the demands of their growing client base.

As a result, the temporary staffing functions will now be handled under Coastal Employment, Inc as well as Rush Graduate College.

Coastal Medical Staffing will now be a stand-alone company, and Coastal Connections, Inc. will remain the standard bearer and handle all direct placements.

“Our continued growth has warranted us to analyze our business model and make the necessary changes to allow us to better serve our client base of businesses and candidates in both our Savannah and Hilton Head Island offices and service areas,” states Kevin Kowal, Coastal Connections President. “These changes are a result of us listening and understanding the needs of our clients. “This process also allows us to build on the solid Coastal Connections reputation.

About Coastal Connections:  Coastal Connections has been voted the Staffing Leader in the Hilton Head / Savannah area every year since 2009 by TempNet, an international association of independently owned staffing agencies.  In 2015 Coastal Connections was presented the “Wayne Josephson Award” for being the best agency in all of TempNet.  Coastal Connections has been voted the Reader’s Choice Award, Best Employment Agency winner by the Island Packet and the Beaufort Gazette every year since 2010.

Coastal Connections has offices in Hilton Head Island, SC and Savannah, GA.

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For Immediate Release: Coastal Connections News Release: [07/30/2014]

For Immediate Release:

Coastal Connections News Release: [07/30/2014]
Contact Name: Kevin Kowal or Ray Spellerberg
Phone Number: (843.837.5627)-Hilton Head Island, SC  (912.777.6127) Savannah, GA
Email: or

Coastal Connections supports and adds resources to campaign for prevention of heat-related illnesses launched by US Labor Department

“Water. Rest. Shade.” and acclimatization are critical in preventing heat illness and fatalities

Hilton Head Island, SC— Coastal Connections and Coastal Medical Staffing, in support of The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, has announced the launch of a Campaign to Prevent Heat Illness in Outdoor Workers. For the fourth consecutive year, OSHA’s campaign aims to raise awareness and educate workers and employers about the dangers of working in hot weather and provide resources and guidance to address these hazards. Workers at particular risk are those in outdoor industries, such as agriculture, construction, landscaping and transportation.

“Heat-related illnesses can be fatal, and employers are responsible for keeping workers safe,” said U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez. “Employers can take a few easy steps to save lives, including scheduling frequent water breaks, providing shade and allowing ample time to rest.”

“We value our outdoor workers and our clients that retain us to provide quality work force,” said Coastal Connections and Coastal Medical Staffing President, Kevin Kowal. “Through education we believe we can help to avoid serious heat related illness by understanding the symptoms, treatment, and prevention of heat illness.”

Coastal Connections and Coastal Medical Staffing will be distributing OSHA Quick Cards titled Protecting Workers from Heat Stress to all of their employees and Worksite Campaign Posters to all of their clients. Campaign media resources will also be distributed through Coastal Connection’s social media assets reaching thousands.

“The more people we can educate to the dangers and treatment of heat related illness the better our communities and people we serve will be. We believe in the US Department of Labor’s campaign slogan; Water. Rest. Shade. The work can’t get done without them,” states Kowal.

One of the newest solutions to the education of heat related illness is the OSHA Heat Safety Tool Smartphone App. “All of our corporate employees utilize the app and we encourage our workers and clients to download it as well,” states Kowal. The app can be downloaded from the US Department of Labor web site or click here:

“We found all of the content provided by the US Department of Labor and OSHA to be relevant for our company, employees, and clients and are happy to provide and distribute it to those who may not be aware of it,.” States Kowal.

About Coastal Connections and its subsidiaries: Coastal Employment and Coastal Medical Staffing is a leading provider of workforce solutions, and we only use the best insurance like the One Sure Insurance for our business vehicles so that we can provide you with the best. Coastal Connections is a leading staffing and consulting services firm providing temporary, contract, just-in-time labor, and direct hire placement serving the Low Country and Coastal Empire regions since 2002. Coastal Connections has offices in Hilton Head Island, SC and Savannah, GA. Coastal Connections is a member of Temp Net, An International Network of Independent Staffing Firms.

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Advice when seeking a job with Small Companies



1.       Emphasize the immediate value you can bring. Achieving results quickly by making a swift impact on sales and profits is especially vital to small businesses.  Discuss what you can deliver right away and during your first three to six months on the job. Prepare a variety of examples from your career that fit their situation to demonstrate how you can solve current problems.

2.       Personally connect with the interviewer. Chemistry with your boss and co-workers is essential for a small business, where working relationships are closer.  Show that you are easy to get along with and the type of person people want to be around. Display qualities that can be a plus in the decision-making process, including humor in good taste, warmth, and understanding.

3.       Step up your face-to-face contact. Smaller companies will be less likely to advertise openings or post them on Internet job boards.  Opportunities surface at in-person meetings. Networking at trade shows and professional groups pay big dividends.  Volunteering with charitable, civic, and religious organizations shows potential employers what kind of work ethic you possess. 

4.       Acquire key referrals. Referrals play an enormous role in small businesses.  A good referral from a valued employee or someone close to the owner or manager will go a long way. Scour your networking contacts and use social media websites such as LinkedIn and Facebook to obtain a referral or two, and create your own website with a good hosting from worlds most popular hosts.

5.       Be receptive to contract or temporary work. Resumes are two dimensional.  They are words on paper that tells the hiring manager “Who” you are, “What” you can do and “Where and When” you worked.   Temporary positions give you a chance to show the manager or owner the “How” of your experience. Many employers are adding contract or project workers before deciding to hire full-time staff. You may be able to transition this into a full-time job if you achieve superior results. Look at it like a working resume.

6.       Prepare to overcome objections that you are over-qualified and/or will leave for a better job later. Smaller businesses may be more sensitive that you have held higher positions with larger companies and earned greater compensation than they are able to pay.  Address interviewers’ concerns you may leave for a better job by countering that your experience will solve problems and create solutions that will help increase revenue and salaries.

7.       Show interest and excitement in the opportunity. Smaller companies want people who are enthusiastic about working with them, and can motivate and inspire co-workers and direct reports. Communicate this in a variety of ways and express your enthusiasm for hitting the ground running.

Is Your Resume 6-Second Worthy? | LinkedIn

3 Don’t use a font smaller than 11 point or in a fancy style. Too hard on the eyes

via Is Your Resume 6-Second Worthy? | LinkedIn.

Job Hunting Tips

Job Hunting tipsJob Hunting Tips


Resume Tips


  1. Use an easy to read Font Style – typically 12 point works well, Universal or Times New Roman.
  2. Avoid using excessive graphics, boxes or distracting lines and designs.
  3. Make sure your name is larger than anything else on the page.
  4. Be sure your name and address and phone number are on each page you use for job hunting.
  5. Check your tabs. Check your space between sections. Is everything lined up?
  6. Check your vocabulary. Your entire resume should be consistent in vocabulary and verb tense.
  7. Always include your computer skills, even if you acquire them only playing games with CSGO resources.
  8. It is highly effective to use bullet points for each job duty you are describing.
  9. If someone is scanning your resume it helps to decipher one point from another.
  10. Do not include your previous supervisors name or your salary history.
  11. Drop off work experience that is more than 10 or 15 years back; it isn’t current.
  12. Don’t put anything personal on your resume. (i.e. birth date, marital status, height, hobbies, etc.
  13. A one page resume is best, but do not crowd your resume.
  14. It is very important to keep your resume updated.
    1. Don’t have “9/92 to Present,” if you ended your job two months ago.
    2. People perceive that as misrepresentation.
  15. Do not cross out and handwrite on your resume.
    1. People perceive that as unprofessional.
  16. Never lie on your resume.
  17. Understand and remember everything written on your resume.
  18. Be able to back up all statements with specific examples.


Interviewing Tips

This is the opportunity you have been waiting for!! Interviewing can be somewhat intimidating – following these guidelines can help you alleviate some of your stress.


  1. Be on time. Do not show up early or late.
    1. If you’re running late, call.
    2. Don’t walk in more than ten minutes early.
  2. Always dress professionally.
  4. Have a firm handshake. Practice it in advance.
    1. Your handshake gives people an indication of your personality.
    2. Look your interviewer in the eye when you shake their hand.
  5. Know the name of the person you are interviewing with.
    1. Make sure you pronounce it correctly.
  6. Look up information about the Company you are interviewing with.
    1. Check their website and familiarize yourself with their Mission Statement, product line, territory, press releases etc.


  1. Often times interviewers ask their receptionists how you conducted yourself before the interview.
    1. Don’t appear too friendly or aloof.  Act business like
    2. Do not make texts or phone calls from your cell.
  2. Don’t slump back in your chair, put your foot on your knee, or dangle one arm over the back of the chair. That makes you look apathetic or arrogant.
  3. Don’t put anything or move anything on the interviewer’s desk.
  4. Be careful to use hand motions in moderation.
    1. If you use your hands excessively, the interviewer will remember your hands, not your skills.
  5. Be careful to match your facial expressions with your words.
    1. If you say “That’s exciting,” and look like you just woke up, you’ll be sending a mixed message.


  1. Make sure you contact all of the people you have listed BEFORE you distribute their names and phone numbers.
  2. References can make or break you. Be selective in the people you list.
  3. Always give a copy of your resume to each of your references.
  4. List a minimum of three references.
  5. List professional references. Employers will want to speak with people that have supervised you and your work.

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